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Jonathon Ker

For more than 25 years, Jonathon Ker’s enviable drive has distinguished him as a career-launcher with one of the keenest eyes for talent in the industry and a stead fast reputation for producing top-tier commercial film production, while forging many commercially successful businesses along the way.
His journey with film; via long-form documentary, high-end commercial, and world class music video, has seen him cross paths and collaborate with the very best in the business. From Michel Gondry to Michael Jackson, Gore Verbinski to Brian Wilson, Eminem to Walter Mosley, to name a few.
His current mission is MADRE. An ambitious quest that he sets out on with Jorge Aguilera and Alejandro Saevich, as Ker seeks to create a truly collaborative, bilingual, boundary-busting, production powerhouse which aims to change the way Spanish and English narratives are portrayed and produced in the current world of film. Probably his most purposeful project yet, and one that Jonathon and his all-conquering team were excited to launch in September 2022.

Ale Saevich

Ale was born into a middle class family in Buenos Aires in the mid 1970s. His father and his mother both hailed from antagonistic families. Jewish-Russian on one side, Christian-Lebanese on the other. The families were first united by the love of Ale’s Uncles: his mother’s older brother and his father’s youngest. Ale’s mother and father followed suit.
A product of diversity, Ale had access to a more liberated world than that of other, more traditional families. Love was also the reason why he came to live in Mexico in 2003: Having produced his first feature film, Ale travelled with the project to be screened at the Guadalajara Film Festival. He briefly went back to Buenos Aires to explain to his family about the woman he had met and the amazing country he had found at the north of the continent. He packed a small bag with clothes and a few books and left his piano in the care of his sister while his cat Omelette was looked after by his aunt Susana.
Alejandro Saevich has always flirted between auteur cinema and advertising films. He knows how to create unique work environments, sustained by creativity and excellence. He has grown from a promising young man to an older, consecrated company owner, having learned to manage success with caution combined with constant reinvention, never stopping the impulse of those great ideas that break the mold.

Jorge Aguilera

Renowned director and co-founder of MADRE, Jorge Aguilera has had a wind-swept and exhilarating twenty-year-plus career spanning editing, writing, producing and generating film production ventures.
Having grown up in the US and the UK, Jorge studied film history and theory in London, then film production in Mexico City before mastering the craft of directing actors in New York. His multi-awarded directing career includes music videos, short and long format films, and tv commercials.
In the advertising landscape, he has worked with important worldwide agencies and brands and has been named on several occasions Mexico’s best commercials director. Never stopping work and travel, Jorge is in constant motion between Mexico, the US and the UK.
MADRE constitutes Jorge’s dream of bridging the languages and cultures he loves within a new and inclusive film content industry.